Building Details

Built sometime between 1853 and 1855, Mayville reflects a transitional style of architecture with a combination of Cape Dutch and Cape Georgian details. Because new trends tended to take some time to reach the country areas, the building is quite old fashioned for its time.

The structure of the building is based on the Cape Dutch T-plan. The house is quite small when compared to the larger H-shaped houses built by merchants and tradesmen in Swellendam in the preceeding quarter of a century.

Like the Drostdy, Mayville has a dormer ‘gable’, a semi-circular loft window. Instead of a hipped roof, Mayville has a half-hipped roof where the end wall of the wing is raised to just more than half the height of the roof, forming a hip or ridge where the adjacent planes of thatch meet.

The vine-covered stoep is a characteristic feature of colonial architecture and provides a shady place where family and friends can gather in good weather. Stoeps were raised to keep walls clean in the days when streets were mere dust tracks.

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